I would like to share this
beautiful album review from London from Audiosteez
about my album Angel Light…/karen-salicath-jamali-angel-li…/
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Karen Salicath Jamali – Angel Light by Audiosteez Karen Salicath Jamali has to be one of the world’s seven wonders. We are not completely sure about her discography but we believe “Angel Light” to be either her first or second album, but boy, is she…

I would like to share this
beautiful album review from London ” Between Gaps” covering the best up and coming and established acts worldwide about my album “Singing Universe”…/karen-salicath-jamali-singing…/
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Karen Salicath Jamali – Singing Universe (Album) “Singing Universe” is the full length album from the visionary pianist and multi faceted artist Karen Salicath Jamali, who…

I would like to share this
beautiful album review from London Oddfus Magazin about my album “Young Rain”…/karen-salicath-jamali-young-rain…/…
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Karen Salicath Jamali – Young Rain (Album) Even though this is meant to be an album review, I feel tempted to actually treat it like a scientific study and call this article “The Curious Case Of Karen Salicath Jamali”. It is indeed a truly remarkable story, one…

Brand New Musical Album

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Original Albums and Musical Scores by Karen Salicath Jamali


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My Music Story

I had never played piano before I had an accident four years ago, where I suffered a head injury.
I lost touch with reality,
It took me three years to heal.
Today I say with a smile, I hit my music brain,
for after that I hear music all the time.
It all began last Christmas, I could spontaneously play piano even if I had never played before.
This is the music I have composed for you. Please play and enjoy.

Please take good care of this music,
it is not like anything else. It is new and it is coming from a special place.

Listen to my new wonderful albums

“Angel Light by Salicath “ and
“Angel Sound by Salicath” and
“Angel Moon by Salicath”

All music is the original creation by Karen Salicath Jamali and are now available on
iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Emusic, 247, Deezer, Simfy, Rdio, Slacker, JBhi-fi and medianet.

Physical copies are available for purchase in the Jamali NYC Gallery.

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