The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design, graduation 1991

KarenKaren Salicath Jamali is an American, artist living and working in New York City. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen Denmark in 1991, and has been working as a painter, sculptor, and a photographer and now also as a composer and pianist for the past 30 years. Participating in over 100 solo and group exhibitions throughout the world including the Louvre Museum in Paris, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Monreale, Kume Museum Tokyo. She has received a number of honors and awards from the international art community including and Oscar in art. Her built works include several permanent pieces and are in more than 600 private collections. When sculpting she works predominantly in bronze and glass. Her pieces are at once graceful, delicate, simple and monumental. She draws on the human figure as a common language that speaks to us. Through her style she is able to achieve works that evoke the universality of human condition. It is a language that is accessible to all regardless of age, culture, and education. Because of this, her figures, at times, are intentionally impersonal and anonymous. They lack detailed hands and faces, so that they embody universality. She is able to convey emotion purely though gesture and pose. In her Paintings, she paints with rich pigments, or creates textural fresco tempera using natural ground pigments. Her pieces engage the viewer both physically and emotionally. She utilizes a combination of ancient and modern elements, so that she may convey the language of inner emotion through visible forms. The themes in both her paintings and sculptures works are inspired by Christian, Greek and Nordic mythology, Paleolithic cave paintings, physics, the classical elements, and the human form. Several of her pieces are inspired by the phenomena in general relativity known as “Event Horizons”. An event horizon is a space-time boundary beyond which the laws of physics as we know them, cease to exist. It is her hope that her works speak to the soul and entice the viewer to see beyond the mere physicality of a piece, to a level of deeper personal understanding and emotional meaning.

Her Music is meditative and sublime it will touch your soul and connect you.

Her work can be seen Permanently in the Jamali NYC Gallery, located in SoHo, New York.



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